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Welcome to the website of

The Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society

(Accredited under the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries)


Batemans Bay Heritage Museum is proud to be hosting a new exhibition, 'Cook and the Pacific', presented by the National Library of Australia, Canberra.

The two touring panels and original graphics (shown in the photos) were created for us, following closure of the NLA’s 2019 major exhibition.  

The Pacific Voyages In 1768, James Cook was made a lieutenant and given command of the Bark Endeavour. for an expedition jointly funded by the British Royal Navy and the Royal Society. On 25 August 1768, Cook set sail from Plymouth bound for Tahiti where his public instructions were to observe the Transit of Venus. Then as secretly instructed, he sailed south in search of the fabled ‘Great Southern Continent’. In the event that he found the Continent, he should chart its coasts, obtain information about its people, cultivate their friendship and alliance, and annex any convenient trading posts in the King’s name. The first voyage took 3 years.

The following links recount the full story of his voyage, including the scientific, navigational and artistic advances made by him and his extremely capable team.

1. James Cook - the Man, Scientist, Navigator and Cartographer

2. King George III - as Scientist                                                         

3. Cook's Secret Instructions                                                             

4. The Transit of Venus                                                                       

5. Navigating the Pacific                                                                     

6. Foodie Facts                                                                                     

7. Joseph Banks                                                                                  

8. Parkinson Florilegium                                                                    

9. Science on Board                                                                           

10. The Artistic Legacy                                                                      

11. Nathaniel Bateman