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Welcome to the website of

The Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society

(Accredited under the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries)

Local Geology

The content for this page has been provided by Dr. Douglas M. Finlayson, a retired Geologist and formerly employed by Geoscience Australia. He is also a member of the Geological Society of Australia.

Looking north over the Clyde River towards Pigeon House Mountain

Dr Finlayson and colleagues from The Geological Society of Australia have compiled this material, posters and web site information, to enable students and teachers in the Batemans Bay region to have an educational resource that can be accessed as part of the new school science curriculum. The intention was for the Museum to be a "go-to" site for students and teachers. A newly constructed permanent physical display of geological materials in the Museum now complements the information contained on this web page.

Much time and effort has been put into this project by Dr Finlayson and his team, to ensure scientific accuracy of the enclosed text, images and diagrams. The Museum acknowledges this contribution. 

Geology of the Batemans Bay region

The links below contain a series of related documents, providing a quite detailed assessment of the geological formations contained within the Batemans Bay region. Sections 1 - 6 examine the physical structures, from geological evolution to current day mapping techniques. Sections 7 - 9 examine how the environment has been utilised by man for the development of stone tools and gold mining. Section 10 contains a glossary of geological terms.

The Museum is confident that this information will prove to be an important source of data and knowledge for not only the general public, but also for high school, TAFE and University students with an academic interest in the geology of their local region.

(Please note: The image above is a view from the top of Durras Mountain, looking north).

Section 1: Geological Evolution   

Section 2: Rock Type                     

Section 3: Rock Age                      

Section 4: Tectonic Processes     

Section 5: Landscapes                  

Section 6: Geological Mapping     

Section 7: Aboriginal Stone Tools

Section 8: Gold Mining                  

Section 9: Life on the Goldfields  

Section 10: Geological Glossary